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What some of our customers say about us:

"I had the pleasure of working with Black Peak Engineering on a unique aircraft design and was simply amazed by their talent, capability, and professionalism. I strongly recommend this company for any project requiring rapid prototyping!"
Dr. Snorri Gudmundsson
Aircraft Designer
Author of "General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures"
"Black Peak Engineering provides reliable and quick turn-around services. Their strong work-ethics and flexibility make them an ideal partner to design and build complex systems"
Maxime Gariel, PhD
Chief Technology Officer / Xwing
"This is a major achievement which demonstrates that a small company can push the state-of-the-art in VTOL UAS development on an austere budget. I am very proud of what Black Peak Engineering has accomplished."

(Mr. Cross commenting on the demonstration of the BP-400 "Jackal" helicopter performing Autonomous Takeoff and Landing on a moving platform)
Mr. Al Cross
Head of Vehicle Research Section / Naval Research Laboratory
"Black Peak Engineering did a wonderful job producing a variety of complex custom machined and carbon fiber parts – making us proud to show our completed vehicles to our visitors and government sponsors."
Dr. Eric N. Johnson
Professor of Aerospace Engineering / Penn State University
"We have known and worked with Black Peak Engineering for several years. We know them to be professional and dependable. Although the work they did for us was regarding Unmanned Drones, they have expertise in modeling, analysis, and general shop work."
Mr. Al Waddill
Partner / Precision Aerial Drones