BP-210 Weasel

The BP-210 is designed to be easily portable by standard equipment. Two complete helicopter systems fit comfortably in the back of a long-bed pickup truck, and with an empty weight less than 100 lbs can be lifted by two people. With modular nose and belly payload compartments, SA-200 Weasel is highly customizable for any type of operations.


  • Length: 89.3" nose-to-tail
  • Width: 22.7"
  • Height: 36.7"
  • Endurance: ~2.5 hours
  • Speed: 60 knots
  • Useful load: 60lbs


Ground Control Station (GCS)

The Black Peak Engineering Basic GCS is a portable light weight system. The GCS can be set up anywhere and offers the system operator easy control of the aircraft. The GCS is common for both the SA-400 and the BP-210 aircraft. Several antenna systems can be used with the Basic GCS, including long a distance automated tracking antenna.
Other GCS configurations are available on request.